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Strass Swarovski Crystal

Strass Swarovski is the leader in fine leaded crystals and chandelier prisms. Strass Swarovski Chandelier Crystals is a product line made especially for the chandelier market. STRASS Swarovski Crystal, which has a lead content exceeding 30%, is the luxury brand name most requested by leading crystal chandelier manufacturers and can be seen sparkling in fine homes and museums.

Each Strass prism has the signature Swarovski mark in the prism. You will not be disappointed with the quality of Strass crystal.

When it comes to getting a beautiful new look for your light fixtures, adding STRASS Swarovski chandelier crystals is a popular choice for any chandelier. These fine leaded crystals are designed by the leading name in the world, and their legendary crystals are used by people everywhere to create elegant light fixtures that look amazing while producing quality illumination. We have a great selection of crystals that will help you get the look and design you want for your chandelier.

For the most traditional option, check out our large collection of clear STRASS Swarovski chandelier crystals. The STRASS line of crystals is renown as the best in the world for a reason, and these clear crystals will give off a perfectly radiant shine day after day. They are intricately cut to be completely smooth, with perfect angles that reflect light in the right ways to create a beautiful sparkle for your chandelier. Being machine and hand polished, they will be clear and pure like a fine piece of jewelry.

Enjoy a more unique and contemporary look with colored crystals. We have many options that will suit the design and decor of your home. Choose a color that matches the atmosphere and background of the room your light fixture is in for an instantly beautiful and impressive look that brings together the look of your entire space. We have several colors to choose from, including gold, peridot, topaz, Bordeaux, and more. Mix and match your favorite colors and create a pattern for your chandelier that will improve the look even more!