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Chandelier Body Parts

We have everything you need to make quick replacements and return your fixture to prime condition, so you can continue to enjoy its beauty and illumination sooner than ever. Our great selection of high-quality chandelier body parts will make the repair quick, easy, and stress-free. Even the durable metal framing of bodies will wear out over time, and whether your fixture has succumbed to simple damage or has simply lost its shine, making a quick repair is easier than you might expect. Arm yourself with the best hardware on the market and you will have the beautiful chandelier you expect in no time.

We have any chandelier body parts you might need to get the job done. The basic frame elements such as arms, bodies, and columns come in metal and crystal varieties, giving you the options necessary to match any design. There are also metal chandelier cups, bodies and breaks, canopies and backplates, chains, and more. With such a large selection of hardware, you are sure to find whatever you need to get your light fixture back to peak condition. Our products are made from the finest materials and are sure to remain durable for years, so you can take your mind off your fixture and simply enjoy its beauty.

For the more decorative elements, look through our collection of crystal chains, balls, bobeches, dishes, and more. These items will help you replace the most beautiful parts of your light fixture, so you can turn old, faded hardware into brand new shining crystal chandelier body parts. You will be amazed at the difference new crystal parts can make for your chandelier. Whether you are making a replacement for old or damaged pieces or adding a new look to your light fixture, our beautiful crystal will ensure you get the dazzling look you desire.

Get the high quality you need with the great style you expect with our large collection of chandelier body parts. From traditional brass and bronze parts to elegant crystal hanging elements, we have everything you need to ensure your light fixture is as good as new year after year.