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Chandelier Hardware and Replacement Parts

Like any other item in your home, chandeliers wear out over time and their parts will become damaged or simply lose their luster. This is why it is important to have high quality chandelier hardware and replacement parts to ensure you can keep your fixture looking its best year after year. We have the best selection of great hardware and parts that will help ensure you can find everything you need at one place. Browse our high quality parts and make your chandelier as good as new in no time!

From the lights to the cord, every piece of your light fixture can be found within our collection of hardware. The most common chandelier replacement parts you should keep around your home is light bulbs. Like any other light fixture, bulbs will burn out over time and are the first thing to need a replacement on any new chandelier. Having new bulbs ready to go will ensure you never have to go a moment without the beautiful light you love. We have many different styles and designs ready to match any socket and look, so you can ensure you have a light fixture that looks amazing.

The light fixtures themselves are also an important part that will need repairs at some point in the life of a great chandelier. We have many different lamp sockets and holders that will help you get the strength and durability you need, while also ensuring your fixture looks its best. Candle covers will provide a fresh new look for your lights, not only giving you the option to swap to a brand new look, but will also revitalize an old chandelier in minutes.

If you are in need of even smaller parts to make fine repairs and adjustments to your fixture, our collection of chandelier hardware also includes cord, wire, nuts, caps, and more. These items have been designed specifically to match the needs and specifications of chandelier light fixtures, and you will not find better performance with other generic options. Not only will they look great and last longer, they will fit your fixture more easily as well, saving you time and hassle!