Products : Chandelier Hardware - Loops, Wires, Nuts, and Caps

Chandelier Hardware - Loops, Wires, Nuts, and Caps

Whether you are looking to replace or upgrade your chandelier's old parts, having the proper tools is an important first step to take to ensure the job is quick and easy. We have a great selection of high-quality chandelier hardware that will help you find anything you need to keep your fixture in peak condition, so it will continue to shine beautifully and remain the highlight of your home. Find durable, professionally crafted hardware that will last for years, allowing you to take your mind off your chandelier and simply enjoy it for the beauty it provides.

Loops, wires, nuts, and caps are the basics of chandelier hardware, but it is no place to skimp on cheap parts. Our loops, wires, nuts, and caps are made from solid brass and are high quality and heavy duty casting. Some are polished and finished while others are unfinished and ready to plate or paint. This will give you some extra freedom to get the perfect look for your chandelier. Finished options are certain to last for years, making them a great choice for quick, easy swaps. Unfinished options will help you customize your parts to the exact look of your chandelier with ease.

Find a large selection of sizes and designs that will help you get the exact match you need. Whatever chandelier hardware you are looking for, we are happy to help you get the right parts for the job. From nuts, rings, and necks to loops, finials, and hooks, every part is available in multiple sizes so that you can get the perfect fit. Take time to ensure you are ordering the right size for your chandelier so that you can get the reliability and durability you expect every day.

We are proud to distribute the highest quality, toughest chandelier hardware options around. Get the best tools for the job and ensure your lighting fixture performs at its best every day of the year. When you put a little extra effort into your hardware, you will enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing your parts will remain durable for longer, preventing the need for further maintenance and repairs.